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Biolinq (San Diego, CA) is seeking to hire a full-time Senior Membrane Scientist to contribute to the development of its novel biosensor device facilitating continuous glucose monitoring. A competitive compensation package (salary + equity) is offered in conjunction with the opportunity to help define the company’s R&D efforts and thereby shape the direction of its first product line. You will have the unique opportunity to work in an exciting startup environment and contribute to the course of product design, assessment, and commercialization


This is a dynamic role as part of a team of engineers and scientists developing a novel intradermal biosensor technology. It is a highly influential role within the Company, using extensive knowledge of polymer membrane synthesis, membrane tailoring, mass transfer, electrochemical analysis, surface chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, and statistical data analysis. You will have the opportunity to help define the direction of the company’s first product from sensor design, synthesis, evaluation, and analysis to assess performance benchmarks. You will be responsible for critical reviews of the scientific literature related to polymer membrane synthesis and characterization, and will be intimately involved with design-for-manufacture (DFM) and statistical process control (SPC). You will work closely with Company engineers and with outside consultants on optimizing methods of enhancing sensor sensitivity, selectivity, operational and storage stability, response time, linearity, dynamic range, limit-of-detection, and uniformity. You will demonstrate your sound analytical skills in designing experiments to generate statistically significant results, implementing protocols to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, including operating under design controls and FDA and ISO regulations, and making recommendations to management based on significance of the results.

What you'll be responsible for

• Designing, synthesizing, evaluating, and optimizing novel polymer membrane coatings for amperometric, potentiometric, and voltammetric biosensors for intradermal applications • Developing novel methods for polymer membrane synthesis and application in conjunction with R&D team • Conforming to the Company’s quality management system framework; compiling test protocols, procedures, and reports • Translating sensor membrane designs to the production environment; designing sensors for manufacture to achieve cost and performance targets • Implementing statistical analyses of data sets acquired in the R&D setting to corroborate meaningful results • Working closely w/ the Company’s quality management team to ensure strict conformance to established protocols and completion of studies in a timely and cost-effective manner • Defining statistical measures of significance and benchmarks for accuracy, generating documentation and written procedures, reporting on experimental findings, and iterating sensor designs based upon feedback from management


• PhD degree in Polymer Science/Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, or related field • Minimum of 4-5 years’ experience with polymer membrane synthesis, application, and biological interactions, surface chemistry, electroanalytical methods, and (preferably) electrochemical biosensors • Demonstrated scientific experience and excellence in the polymers field by publication of peer-reviewed articles • Solid experience working with clinicians on successfully executing IRB-approved clinical studies in a timely manner • Familiarity with data analysis tools (i.e. Excel, Matlab, R) and methods; solid understanding of statistics and statistical analysis • Ability to interface with both engineering staff and R&D team and work in a fast-paced, multi-disciplinary environment • Capacity to manage multiple projects and communicate ideas clearly to the team; excellent written and verbal communication skills • Willingness to take the lead on planned and ongoing sensor optimization efforts for the company’s biosensor prototypes and provide frequent briefings to the team on the status and maturity of as-synthesized devices

Who we are

Biolinq is a startup that has developed a proprietary wearable biosensor platform that is capable of measuring blood level information, without the need to draw blood. We are developing products that are changing the way patients and consumers access information about their body, by making new levels of actionable information readily available. We are dedicated to the personal and professional growth of all our team members and strive to create a positive and creative work environment.